TRIVIUM Guitarist Says That The Band Is Ready To Become A Festival-Headlining Band


TRIVIUM guitarist Corey Beaulieu was recently interviewed by Mike James where he said the band feels ready to enter the next level and become a headliner of major festivals.

When asked about the band’s remaining goals, Beaulieu replied: “Growing up, listening to MAIDEN, METALLICA and all those bands, you watch the live videos and they’re playing to a crazy sold-out stadium or an arena. That was always our goal from the beginning – be an arena band headlining festivals.

“But I think after all these years, we’ve had conversations and being self-reflective of records we’ve put out or decisions we’ve made that, even three, four, five years ago, if we were given a chance to headline a festival, I don’t think we would have been ready for it.

“I don’t think we were in the right spot or earned it yet. Now, with the last record [2017’s The Sin and the Sentence] and the way we’ve been performing, I think in the next couple of years, we’ve gotten to a place where we’re in the right head space and the way the band operates and the way we play together as a group and playing tight and putting on an energetic, very crowd-oriented performance, I think now is the time that if we were given the opportunity to headline a show, we could actually handle the responsibility of being a band that could top the bill and put on a big show…

“I think we’re now actually in the place in our career where it would make sense [and] we wouldn’t crumble at the pressure of doing it, or having someone getting nervous or not stepping up to the place.

“I think now we’ve grown into the shoes of being the band that could actually one day, when the Maidens and all those bands hang it up and you need that next group of bands, I think we’ve gone through the experiences and the ups and downs.

“We’re kind of in the place now that [we] really see it as something as realistic in the near future. A lot of bands don’t self-reflect on themselves and they just fall apart, but [we] kind of used it as motivation to jump-start a second resurgence of our band.”