Tsaleon – Sky Memories Review

Some albums deserve the term hodgepodge to express the music inside them. Cauldron of influences where many spices are mixed in the dough is also a great explanation of what my dear fan will find in “Sky Memories” by Tsaleon. I guess that some fans may even get surprise on how the band is able to put everything together from Metal to some Samba. Looking for all this mixed together was the reason that attracted me to the album and made me have the urge to write this review. So, “Sky Memories” isn’t the album for the ones with a closed mind that don’t accept some musical experience in their lives.

After a very short intro welcoming track “Path of Discovery” soon acquires some 1970s Jazz Rock that could be better explained if compared to early Santana albums. The same feeling, the same mood, the same intent. It’s not the first time here that we get an album like this and I must say it’s very pleasant to get to reach this kind of artistic level. Even better when it’s mixed with Metal music as following track “Stargazing” does with its pounding and prominent drumming that goes from the speed of light to some groovy pacing. The same happens to the guitar. The intent of the song is to be found on Chick Corea’s 1970s Jazz Rock. However, its high doses of Metal make it heavier and, of course, much more interesting. The slow tuned guitars give the song its modern approach and gives it all the delicious taste it can get. Third track “Fascination” starts as “Stargazing” ended. As some kind of continuation that would be the touch of the low tuned guitars that here acquire some more prominence. “Fascination” may be the most Metal track of the album even with some out of Metal passages. Even some Samba or Bossa Nova played in the guitar. My dear fan will strange this but that’s alright. It’s just the way of playing Samba with the guitar. The spirit of Prog Metal comes with the fourth track “Between Earth and Space” which still has some low tuned guitars with with some precaution. The track has some mixes but the spirit of Prog Metal is more relevant.

Ok, it would take a lot of time and a lot of space to tell all the details of each song in “Sky Memories” and they are many. The general mood of the album is to intruduce inside the tracks some elements that can be very far from the main theme. Jazz Rock is mixed with some Prog Metal and Modern Metal mostly in the guitars. From this mix my dear fan will notice some very strange doses of random other infoluences that here come to shock the basis of the songs. I liked a lot the effect. Even they are far awya from the general they somehow work smoothly.

Tsaleon “Sky Memories” was independently released on July 07th.

Track Listing:

  1. Path of Discovery
  2. Stargazing (feat. Emeraude)
  3. Fascination
  4. Between Earth and Space (feat. Stauhn)
  5. Sky Memories (feat. The Last Dodo)
  6. Supernova
  7. Alone
  8. Sad Truth
  9. The Last Melody
  10. Memories of Dying Stars (Part I. Blinding Light)
  11. Memories of Dying Stars (Part II. Blinks)
  12. Memories of Dying Stars (Part III. Fading Spirit)
  13. Memories of Dying Stars (Part IV. Alive)

Watch “Fascination” official track stream here:

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