TSALEON’s ‘Sky Memories’

TSALEON are a solo Progressive Metal project which started in 2015. The first EP was out in 2019 and the first album was out in 2022. All the projects were published without label and every musical elements were made by Camille Boyer.
The purpose of this project is very personal. Camille Boyer wants to put into music some inner emotions, fear, joy, anger with progressive metal.
Trying to construct concepts albums which can transpose the way of thinking and differents states of mind with a catchy and melodic metal with a lot of guitar riffs, powerful drums and catchy synthesizers.
The concept of this first album “Sky Memories” is wide enough that you can imagine you own theories and stories about it!
Recommended if you are fan of progressive metal/djent bands like Haken, Caligula’s Horse, Plini, Sithu Aye, Spiritbox, Leprous or Loathe!

Band Line-Up:
Camille Boyer – All Instruments

CD Track Listing:
1- Path of Discovery
2- Stargazing (feat. Emeraude)
3- Fascination
4- Between Earth and Space (feat. Stauhn)
5- Sky Memories (feat. The Last Dodo)
6- Supernova
7- Alone
8- Sad Truth
9- The Last Melody
10- Memories of Dying Stars (Part I. Blinding Light)
11- Memories of Dying Stars (Part II. Blinks)
12- Memories of Dying Stars (Part III. Fading Spirit)
13- Memories of Dying Stars (Part IV. Alive)

2019 – Ocean Pleasures (EP)
2022 – Sky Memories (Album)

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