Tulus – Fandens Kall Review

Tulus - Fandens KallIt turns out that Black Metal has lots to deliver to their fans from what Tulus with “Fandens Kall” delivered here. The thing is that if my dear child of the night listens to instrumentals only, the impression is that it’s not a Black Metal album. Instrumentally, the album is much more related to a Melodic Death Metal than to Black Metal. The difference is the vocals which are immediately recognized. When I say Melodic Death Metal I mean that Tulus don’t follow standard Black Metal instrumentals. Guitars don’t buzz, drumming isn’t at the speed of light and it’s possible to listen to the bass. However, my guess is that this statement is not quite accurate. There are many moments that the band mix Old School Heavy Metal with some rock influences. Some instrumentals address to The Doors or even Ten Years After. The instrumentals of “Isråk,” for instance, mots of the time address to Rush.

It’s really nice to listen to albums that try some unusual mixes and formulas. It’s impossible not to pay attention to the Heavy Progressive Rock of “Sjelesmerte” with all its roundabouts as Yes used to do. Of course, the track doesn’t sound as Yes, however its instrumentals are pretty, but pretty far from the usual. By the way, there is a really nice chorus with some female voices that addresses to Pink Floyd. Well, I guess the term Progressive Black Metal hasn’t been invented but it fits really well with the music my dear child of the night will listen here with “Fandens Kall.”

Here we’ve got an album that proves how much Black Metal has evolved during the years. The acoustic guitars of “Barfrost” prove that pretty well. They’re sweet and rough at the same time. Sweet due to the sonancy, rough to get know that this comes from a Black Metal band in a Black Metal album. For real the best grand finale an album could get.

Tulus “Fandens Kall” will be released on February 17th via Soulseller Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Fandens Kall
  2. Lek
  3. Slagmark
  4. Allstøtt
  5. Isråk
  6. Samuelsbrenna
  7. Sjelesmerte
  8. Bloddråpesvermer
  9. Snømyrkre
  10. Barfrost

Watch “Isråk” official lyric video here: