TUOMAS HOLOPAINEN Says He’s Been Working On Material For New NIGHTWISH Album

Nightwish 2020
Photo credit: Tina Korhonen

In a new interview with Louder Sound, keyboardist Tuomas Holopainen was asked if he started working on new NIGHTWISH material.

For the past month or two, yes,” Tuomas responded. “Last December and January sucked big time [because of exit of longtime bassist Marko Hietala], and I wasn’t sure about the future of the band. But then when Spring came, and the sun came out, we had a good meeting with the band, and something happened, and I started to feel really inspired and excited about the future of the band. And then the ideas started to pour in.

“For the past few weeks, I’ve been immersed in gathering up some ideas for the new NIGHTWISH album. We even booked a studio for it, which is going to happen in the summer of 2023.

“Because of Covid, a lot of the shows from last year and this year will be postponed until 2022. So there’s nothing we can do studio-wise next year, which is why it will be 2023,” he added.

When asked if he’s been thinking about making acoustic album, he replied: “An acoustic album is going to happen at some point, I’m pretty sure. The romantic in me is excited by the idea that when we know NIGHTWISH is ending, the last album we do will be acoustic. We started out acoustic, and we’re gonna finish acoustic. The circle will close.

NIGHTWISH will perform in a tavern called “The Islanders Arms” built in a virtual world for two nights — Friday, May 28 and Saturday, May 29, 2021. On both nights, the fans will experience an unforgettable one-and-a-half-hour performance, hearing songs live off the latest album, Human. :II: Nature., for the first time ever. These two nights will have their own, slightly different setlists.

NIGHTWISH‘s latest album, Human. :II: Nature, was released in April 2020 via Nuclear Blast.