Turbocharger – Above Lords; Below Earth

It’s absolutely amazing when you hear an album that the band fulfills exactly what its name promises. The name Turbocharger makes you think of a band with high doses of adrenaline, full speed songs, acid vocals, and quick and sharp guitar interventions, don’t you agree? Adding to all this a huge dose of Motörhead features. Listen to last track “Unholy Deathpunk” and tell me about it. Well, in fact these Motörhead influences are much more given on first track “The Crawling Path of Worms” and diminishes throughout “Above Lords; Below Earth, except of course the aforementioned track. To be frank, Turbocharger are much more near an unsung 1980s band; At War, a thrash Motörhead driven band – does this term exist?

Turbocharger were successful in melting all Motörhead’s influences and features with some dashes of modern Thrash Metal and some Death. The point is that Turbocharger were smart of keeping all Motörhead’s adrenaline and fun to melt it with some angrier stuff. The result is a music that makes you bang and get angry at the same time. By the way, if you have the chance, take a look at At War, a band that deserves some credit.

Besides all that  “Above Lords; Below Earthis an exciting album with tons of fun and amusement. Turbocharger really know how produce a high adrenilized album with tons of energy and power. Power is another word that defines “Above Lords; Below Earthwell. All tracks are made of pure nitro instrumentals with an overdosed vocal. It’s an album that makes you bang largely from head to toe. It reminds all the pleasure and fun it’s to listen to the right kind of music. The one for those days when you are specially down and wnat something to cheer up. Play “Above Lords; Below Earthloud! You won’t regret it.

Turbocharger  “Above Lords; Below Earthwas released on June 01st via GFY Productions.

Track Listing:

  1. The Crawling Path of Worms
  2. Total Doom Arise
  3. Doomsday Hammer
  4. Low-Tech Blasphemy
  5. Thirteen Burials
  6. Obscurant
  7. Harbingers at Dawn
  8. The Burning of a Redeemer
  9. Black Tornado
  10. Dried Blood the Heretic Confession
  11. Unholy Deathpunk

Watch “Angelcripple” official video here: