Turbokill – Vice World

Embrace change! Embrance change they say! Embrace change is all around, in all media vehicles, in all sermons, in all speeches, in all small talks, finally, everywhere. There isn’t a day that we don’t run into the sentence, or the order if you know what I mean. Even in Metal, our beloved genre which many say don’t embrace change, a very famous band told us to embrace chance like they did. Hum, very suspicious. It seems to me that embrace chance is the mandatory motto, or warcry, of our days. Many important thinkers say that change itself is neutral, we the people are the ones who give it a meaning, a sense. I stubbornly disagree. The hell with ambracing change if I don’t agree with it! This embrace change means that we should conform to all the crap that is all around. It means we don’t deserve better after all things change and we must embrace change, isn’t it? Nah, not me, sir! Okay then, so getting to the point of today’s review. Why embrace change if there are bands as Turbokill and “Vice World”?

To the media fools who embrace change don’t matter what the change is, Turbokill and “Vice World” is a fossil from the 1980s. They love to name them dinasaurs whatever the term means. In fact, Turbokill drink profusely the waters of the so-called American Power Metal before 1985 or before the Thrash revolution when Heavy Metal bands were allowed to pick a side without having to sell out. I mean, bands could invest on slow cadenced songs and ballads without losing their fan base. The other way was to be faster than ever to get near Speed Metal. Some bands opt to do both. That’s the case of Turbokill which more than thirty years ago emulate the fantastic music bands used to do back albeit with better musicians than the average Metal bands of that time. Yeah, really. Hard Rock had better musicians, Heavy Metal had mostly self-taught musicians. Not Turbokill. Opening tracks “The Grand Delusion” and title track “Vice World” shows a band with great dextery. As I pointed out before “War Thunder” tries to get faster as Speed Metal hell. It is great to listen to guitar riffs as in “Pulse Of The Swarm” which some media fools may say are worn-out, but work out as hell.

“Vice World” is the kind of nostalgia album, but of course, it is impossible to summarize it in only that. It is much more. It is the recovery of an ancient – ancient? – art. “Sail With Pirates,” for instance, gives us a kind of emotion bands don’t explore more. “Vice World” is a recovery.

Turbokill “Vice World” was released on October 25th via Steamhammer / SPV.

Track Listing:

  1. The Grand Delusion
  2. Vice World
  3. War Thunder
  4. Pulse of the Swarm
  5. Global Monkey Show
  6. Sail with Pirates
  7. Turbokill
  8. Kill the Lie
  9. Don’t Deal with the Devil
  10. Track N’ Spy
  11. End of Days
  12. Fortress of the Universe

Watch “End of Days” official music video here: