Turkey Vulture – Twist the Knife Review

“Twist the Knife” is the kind of album that if I followed strictly my own rules I wouldn’t review. As all rules, even mine, are made to be broken I decided to review it. The fact is that the music I found in here is so exciting, so superlative, so attractive even though there are only four songs in the EP and they are all short. First track “Fiji” kind of suddenly ends with no reason. There is just the end.

Turkey Vulture mix the musicallity of Black Sabbath with the intense of Punk Rock. The outcome is a flaming EP that makes the fan pogue and headbang to all four tracks. I mean, there is no time to breath. When the fan is starting to get in mood for more the album ends. Three tracks are only about one minute, the longest is “Livestock on Our Way to Slaughter” with three minutes. This combination have the same intensity L7 had. Short and straight ahead songs with thick guitars and lots of overdrive and the debauched female vocals. By the way, this mix Turkey Vulture do is the original propose grunge had. That is to mix the intense mooding and musicality of Black Sabbath with the intense and straight ahead Punk atittude. “Twist the Knife” captures this very well in tracks as “Where the Truth Dwells” where some more intricate but still simple estructures live with the end-of-the-world punk philosophy of life. “She’s Married (But Not to Me)” has more of that punk feeling especially with the mockery and debauched vocals with a fast and intense chordly guitar riffing. And that’s it, when the fan is getting the mood the album ends. I won’t say it cuts the mood but it really does. The fan feels to expect some more songs and intensitivy but “Twist the Knife” just ends.

Ok, I’m a Metal fan and Metal fans expects more songs, however following a Punk verve and philosophy “Twist the Knife” is just. I mean, enough songs with enough length. Just direct and straight. That’s it.

Turkey Vulture “Twist the Knife” was self-released on January 14th.

Track Listing:

  1. Fiji
  2. Livestock on Our Way to Slaughter
  3. Where the Truth Dwells
  4. She’s Married (But Not to Me)

Watch “She’s Married (But Not to Me)” official video here: