TURN COLD To ‘Break Your Faith’

Borne out of pandemic induced isolation, Turn Cold began with living room demos and remote track trading between members. Once able to enter the studio, the new release, ‘Break Your Faith’ quickly began to develop. The events of the past year have not only led to the creation of the band but have also influenced vocalist Stenvik’s lyrical conjurations. A document of the struggle to navigate the world’s current landscape will resonate with listeners around the globe.

The new three track EP is a crossover thrash onslaught. Turn Cold draw musical influence from the likes of heavy metal and hardcore institutions such as Metallica, Slayer and Cro-Mags. Staffed for the new release are engineer and trusted collaborator CJ Ridings, Taylor Young (Nails, Twitching Tongues, God’s Hate) overseeing the mix at The Pit Studios, and Nick Townsend at the mastering helm. ‘Break Your Faith’ delves into crises of self and looming uncertainties. The title track comes out swinging with razor sharp riffing over a relentless gallop accompanied by piercing and deliberate vocal delivery. ‘Delusion Solution’ summons a palpable doomsday sense of foreboding with a gallows march led by driving percussion. Dual lead guitar is woven into the rhythmic sections building layer upon layer before a climax of anthemic speed metal. Concluding with ‘End of My Rope,’ Turn Cold tackle head on the burden of seclusion through its grim lyrics. It’s raucous, energetic, and intense with dynamic tempo changes and riff play before stopping cold into an uneasy silence to close out the EP.

Turn Cold have produced a pummeling effort which captures the harsh reality of involuntary alienation and self reflection.‘Break Your Faith’ is a devastating release both musically and emotionally; an incendiary debut from a new ensemble.

Turn Cold Line-Up:

Brett – Guitar

Sten – Vocals

Twitch – Bass

Matt – Drums

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