Tusk – Fear

a0820262814_10  Sometimes less is more, and sometimes that’s best as is the case with Tusk‘s latest EP, “Fear”. Containing nothing but 3 tracks of death metal, Tusk does their damnedest to make an impression on the listener with the whole album clocking in over 10 minutes by the time it’s all over. And what’s great is that in all of the tracks the vocals, guitars, and drums are particularly brutal and intense in every possible way with them moving in and out of progressive and technical death territory which had a great feel to it even though those two can be completely different. This is also the second overall release by Tusk, and I’ve done some research and discovered that they’re currently in the process of creating another album, and I’ve confidence that it will be more refined than “Fear” and have a better overall sound. Now, I’m not saying “Fear” is bad by any means of the word because this EP has got all the tell tale signs of an awesome death metal band and I’ve the utmost confidence that Tusk can perfect their technique and create an amazing album. Maybe even more than one! But for now, all we got is “Fear” and its predecessor, “Misdirected Mayhem”, until Tusk cranks out another album and you can bet that I will definitely check it out if I catch wind of it, and I suggest you do the same.

You can listen to Fear” in full on Bandcamp here and the intro track, “Trojan”, via YouTube below.

Track Listing:

  1. Trojan
  2. Colonised Dystopia
  3. Fear