TWINGIANT Go On Indefinite Hiatus


After releasing their critically acclaimed album “Blood Feud”, Phoenix Arizona sludge fiends TWINGIANT have gone on indefinite hiatus after the departure of drummer Jeff Ramos.

Guitarist Nikos Mixas commented”After a productive and fun 8 and a half years,  TWINGIANT has been put on ice indefinitely.  Recently, Jeff informed everyone of his intention to leave the band. The rest of us had been mulling over the future of TWINGIANT even before Jeff informed us of his decision.  This is not a goodbye but rather of let’s wait and see what happens down the line and a huge thank you to anyone that had supported us throughout this time.

In addition, we’d like to let everyone know that we’re having a fire sale on all merch items.  All big ticket items including LPs and shirts are only $5 with many things only costing $1!

You can check out the sale here.