Twisted Rose – Now Review

In music trends appear and go sometimes as fast as a blink of an eye. Some of them last a little longer to have the enough time to crystalize and mature. Others have enough time to grow strong and tall to spread their wings and sow the seeds of their music. It’s been some time that I noticed there’s a revival of Hard Rock or that Metal drenched in the Blues with a more pop grip. My fans know that I really appreciate Hard Rock and Hard’n’Heavy. Hence, I try to get all opportunities I can to write about the exciting great bands that are popping up throughout this sad and lonely and pathetic little planet.

As I said before, intros can deceive – most of the times they really do – and the intro of “Now” do it the best way. With “Rising Rose” the fan will think some Symphonic Metal band is about to come, but the outcome is some Mötley Crüe with Ratt offspring. Great! I love both. “Sandstorm” comes to fix things away with strong riffing and catchy vocals. I can’t deny Twisted Rose sparked my attention because they brought me some very dear memories. The first is Girschool, one of the pioneers of NWOBHM and all female bands; and Salário Mínimo, an obscure Brazilian Hard’n’Heavy from the 1980s. The name and sonancy of “Metal Souls” fit perfectly to the vibe those bands inspired in me. Twisted Rose managed flawlessly to balance melody and power as all great Hard Rock bands did. It’s mandatory to have a heavy grip and show at the same that the band can be melodic. I know it’s pretty hard to balance all that at the same. Twisted Rose did. If the choruses are catchy it’s even better as we have in “We Hear the Crowd” – the tittle tells a lot, doesn’t it? By the way, it’s amazing how the main riffing intro of tittle track “Now” sounds like Deep Purple’s “Space Truckin'” main riffing. well, it happens all the time. So much for the grand finale after all.

Of course when a band opt for a genre that is established influences will arise and once in a while some songs will sound as if a well-known song. Hoever in any circunstance it doesn’t the merit of the band. “Now” is pretty album for the ones who appreciate the genre. To the best of my knowledge it sounds fresh and cool no matter what.

Twisted Rose “Now” was released on June 04th via 7hard.

Track Listing:

  1. Rising Rose
  2. Sandstorm
  3. Metal Souls
  4. Scorpion Stings
  5. As Far As You Can
  6. We Hear the Crowd
  7. Stampede Howling
  8. Now

Watch “Now” official video here: