TWISTED SISTERS’ DEE SNIDER: ‘Music Should Be from the Heart’

One of the most iconic Metal singers, and what a character, Dee Snider talked to Kaoos TV about his songwriting process and why he isn’t writing songs anymore. Take a look:

“You know what? I don’t think so. As I said very publicly, I wasn’t involved in the songwriting [on ‘For the Love of Metal’].”

“I stopped songwriting in the ’90s, ’cause I really didn’t understand how to make contemporary, new-sounding metal songs without copying other bands. I found myself studying and imitating bands, and that’s not from the heart.”

“Music should be from the heart. When I wrote ‘We’re Not Gonna Take It,’ when I wrote ‘I Wanna Rock,’ it was from here *points to his heart*, it was not from my brain.”

“So with Jamey [Jasta, Hatebreed frontman and Dee’s producer] and the guys, they really understood me, and Jamey spent a lot of time with me to know what was important to me. And they absolutely had their finger on the pulse of the songs, of what I should be doing. And it came out incredible.”

“So I’m not gonna throw a wrench in the works and say, ‘Well, now I’ll take it from here, boys.’ But that said, certainly now that I’m feeling understanding what my sound is, understanding what is connecting with people, I expect that I will be more involved.”

“I just didn’t wanna make it sound like I was gonna take over control from Jamey and the guys. I told Jamey, ‘Man, you had a vision with me, and I wanna keep on that path.'”

“I mean, there were times on this record where I gave input, but it wasn’t enough that I was gonna put my name down and say, ‘Oh, I need credit for that,’ or whatever, ’cause I had an idea.”

“Yeah, I had ideas, but they weren’t most of the ideas. I can see getting more involved, but I’m certainly gonna let Jamey and the Bellmore brothers… they’re gonna drive and I’m gonna sit in the back and go like this [raises his hand in approval].”