Tyakrah – Wintergedanken

Ah, the diversity of Metal! The beauty of the many subgenres and creativity of Metal musicians. If you come to think of it, Black Metal was in the beginning synonym of awful musicians and depicable music. I confess I avoided Black Metal for a long time. In my time, that was the truth. The music was raw, poorly played, and aggressive beyond the limits that made it inaudible. It’s been a while this isn’t certainly the truth. Musicians, bands, and the music evolved in a way that can’t be explained with words. Black Metal, and extreme music are now the avant-garde of Metal music. So it’s such a pleasure to hear a band like Tyakrah.

I can’t hold myself to say that this “Wintergedanken” is a masterpiece. The most amazing thing is how Tyakrah deal with dissonances. The talent and skill of guitarist I.XII are remarkable. Most modern Black Metal guitarists are using high tuned guitars to build their leading phrases, and forget to add some aggression to their instruments by also using full powerchords. That’s not the issue with I.XII. The guy also construct his riffs with powerchords and full chords. Not to mention the leading phrases every now and then he plays. And above all, the correct use of orchestral instruments. I say that because the intent in using orchestras, in Black Metal music, is to give a sick, twisted, or sometimes some perverted beauty to songs. They are never intended to be boring. Tyakrah were able to avoid all that building an album that pleases. Yeah, that’s absolutely right, “Wintergedanken” pleases the fan.

The piano arrangement to “Praeludium – Auf kalten Wegen” is absolutely beautiful. It makes a perfect bridge to next song, “Gefrorne Tränen,” whose guitars phrases embellish all the song giving the right dose of emotion. The desperate and strong vocals do all the magic to mantain the Black Metal intent. The only problem with “Gefrorne Tränen” is that the mixing cut the end right in a guitar phrase.

Maybe some old shool Black Metal despise efforts like Tyakrah’s “Wintergedanken.” Just maybe, because its magnificent quality may conquer all haters. Ah, and “Wintergedanken” is only the debut album of this sick duo. Let’s wonder how the forthcoming efforts will be. I’m crossing my fingers to more Tyakrah“Wintergedanken” goes right to my personal favorites.

Track Listing:

  1. Praeludium – Auf kalten Wegen
  2. Gefrorne Tränen
  3. Wintergedanken
  4. Interludium – Eisige Andacht
  5. Fährten im Schnee

Tyakrah’s “Wintergedanken” was released on October 21st via Satanah Records.

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