U.D.O. – Steelfactory

Hello my boys and girls! It is such a pleasure to announce Metal Addicts’ new partnership: AFM Records. Well, as you know my dear readers, I am crystal clear with my feelings about bands. I won’t deny that when I received this one, the first thing I did was to see if I was getting it right, because Udo is one of my idols. I owe Udo and Accept having gotten over my adolescence without any major traumas. The minute I saw in my mail I kept myself mentally writing this review before listening to the album… Can you imagine that?

You, who are a an Accept fan like me, will feel “Steelfactory” is an album which seems to be recorded right after Accept’s “Russian Roulette” due to its similar sonance. Between you and me, that’s what makes “Steelfactory” so great. This is something poppers will never get, but we like things the way they are. To us there isn’t this thing of more of the same. Well, there is, but some are beyond it. Udo is. The same intense, the same emotion. Guitarist Andrey Smirnov really stepped in for Wolf Hoffmann in many ways. He made the beginning of “Tongue Reaper” sounds just like Accept’s. That’s a compliment, guys! Remember, I always say that. Even more in the solo with the same melodic grip. The riffing of “Make The Move” makes you remind Accept’s “Living for Tonight,” though the song is great. But the solo goes in another direction.

Udo’s voice makes me feel like home. That cozy warm feeling of belonging. Italians have a beautiful word for that. It is the ‘nostalgia’. Exactly how I’m feeling listening to “In The Heat Of The Night,” where Udo does that magic only he does of mixing clean and raspy voices. Nobody does it better. So melodic and aggressive. The chorus is so amazing. Just a minute… There’s something in my eyes…

I was telling about “Steelfactory” being a following of “Russian Roulette” and “Metal heart.” Listen to the sequence of “Blood on Fire” and “Rising High” and tell me what the feeling is. Bottomline, if you are an Accept you’ll love “Steelfactory” forever. Only Udo could something like this.

U.D.O. “Steelfactory” will be released on August 31st via AFM Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Tongue Reaper
  2. Make The Move
  3. Keeper Of My Soul
  4. In The Heat of the Night
  5. Raise the Game
  6. Blood on Fire
  7. Rising High
  8. The Devil Is An Angel
  9. Hungry and Angry
  10. One Heart One Soul
  11. Pictures in My Dreams
  12. Bite Of Evil
  13. Eraser
  14. Rose in the Desert
  15. The Way

Watch “One Heart One Soul” official video here:

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