Ubruxum – Mucho Bruxismo Review

It’s impossible to know whatever comes to our hands here at Metal Addicts. Once in a while we are overwhelmed and surprise by experimental albums bands send us. The are of all kinds. However, this Ubruxum “Mucho Bruxismo” nailed at large. First, because it’s a death grind experimental effort. I never mentioned but I’m not that found of Grindcore but this album had that something that got me by the guts and by the gore. I mean, by the teeth. Or as the band defines itself Teeth Grinding Metal. This the side of the album that attracted me; the debauchery. A thing that we don’t see much when it comes to Metal music.

Ok, then, the album and all the concept of the band is based on bruxism which is an involuntary habitual grinding of the teeth, typically during sleep. I just dont know why the band decided to choose the tittle in Spanish as they are two Russians based in Toronto, Canada. Maybe, that’s another joke or concept. Go figure.

Musicwise, “Mucho Bruxismo” mixes Death Metal elements with Gridncore with a clear option for the first. Grindcore elements are in the low-tuned guitars full of distortion to the point of getting that noisy sound or as in the intro “The Grind Opening” almost a cacophony wchih is much due to the drumming. By the way, the drumming sometimes sounds too experimental, other times it goes very smoothly. But the impression it gets is that the drums go a bit early. In fact, maybe, this is exactly the element Ubruxum chose. This noisy an cacophony sonancy is no coincidence. It is done willingly and to tell you the truth that’s what pleased me the most because it may sound poorly played or performed but unconsciously we know it’s on purpose. Well, this feeling doesn’t go with all tracks. “Rabid Hysteria Plandemic” sounds pretty normal – if there is such thing in Metal music. Some other songs show a feature that it’s not so recurring that is the duet of both harsh and grinding vocals. One of them is harsh and low and the other sounds as if it were from a witch or a demon. “Intellectual Intercourse” shows it pretty well.

Ok, this was fun album to review and I don’t say that so much.

By the way, the names of the songs look random to me…

Ubruxum “Mucho Bruxismo” was self-released on October.

Track Listing:

  1. The Grind Opening
  2. Rabid Hysteria Plandemic
  3. Mechanically Separated
  4. Bashed to Ashes Crushed to Dust
  5. Vertebreaker
  6. Intellectual Intercourse
  7. Teeth Grinding Metal
  8. Intestinal Rupture
  9. Vomitorium
  10. Squandering Repugnance
  11. Whores and Sores
  12. Denied Reincarnation
  13. I Must Kill You