UDO Is Very Happy With ‘Steelfactory’

In an interview for Rock Overdose, that we here transcribe some parts, former Accept’s vocalist, Udo Dirkschneider, the good old german tank, talked about his recent album “Steelfactory,” his relationship with his former bandmates and his plains for his band U.D.O.

About “Steelfactory”:

“What can I say about the new album… I’m really happy with it and so far we’re getting really good reactions, it’s let’s say an easy going album we did it while touring and composed for it, so it was really easy and we had a lot of time to record it, so it was good.”

“I guess it has classic metal songs, we tried to write good songs that people will remember and we took our time with this album.”

”Next single will be “One Heart One Soul”. And we also did a lyric video about ”Rising High” and we have a new lyric video coming soon for ”Make The Move”.”

Watch “One Heart One Soul” official video here:


About U.D.O.’s line-up:

“The line-up is waiting to add a new second guitar player soon, he’s going to be from Germany and until September we will announce we have a new one. Then we start touring with U.D.O. at the end of October in Russia first, and we’re going to have a European tour in the middle of January.”

About palying Accept’s classics:

“Ι did this for nearly three years and I think now it’s done! We did it with Dirkschneider and on the next tour with U.D.O. we don’t play any Accept songs.”

“I did the Dirkschneider thing with only Accept songs and what can I say… If you want Accept classic songs, please go and see Accept while touring, it’s only U.D.O. songs, I don’t play Accept songs anymore and if they maybe split-up and I continue touring, then it’s a possibility to play some Accept songs, but at the moment, they still play a lot of classic Accept songs on tour, I have to stick to the U.D.O. albums and we have enough songs to not include any Accept songs.”

“I mean everything changed you know, I had my own band and then we did the reunion after all that time and there are too many bad memories, I mean I’m with U.D.O. and touring with them as I did with Accept and I don’t want any contact anymore. This is over.”