Ulvedharr – Inferno XXXIII Review

Almost three years ago we reviewed Ulvedharr’s “World of Chaos” an album that impressed by its unique and peculiar mix. Now with “Inferno XXXIII” the band adds one more element to its formula that is more Old School Heavy Metal driven compositions. If had more “World of Chaos” Hardcore combinations, “Inferno XXXIII” is more linked to the good old Heavy Metal. This change doesn’t take out an inch of the unique power the band delivers, on the contrary, it adds some more. Moreover, here vocals struggle to follow the melodic combinations the songs present. This makes the album even more interesting. Go right to “Eternal Attack” to check it out. This combination took the album, and this song, near to 1980’s Extreme Metal sonancy. The thing is that “Inferno XXXIII” sounds pretty modern to me. Well, on second thought, not only the voclas but the guitars also have a foot on 1980’s Extreme Metal sonancy.

“A Full Reload of Fear” opens up the album with a tremendous drumming. That’s the perfect of opening an album the way I see it. The track is energetic all the way. The fans that are used to Ark Nattlig Ulv’s vocals  will motice that he hasn’t lost his skills from one album to another. His voice is still rough and harsh. Wow, such a throat this guy has. The instrumentals are the ones which have changed as I said before. “Wasteland,” its following, is even more Old School Heavy Metal driven. Curious fact about “Dagon” is that its chorus reminds me the might Nuclear Assault. Great reference. If I hadn’t known Ulvedharr before I’d say they were a Melodic Death Metal band. It may seem so, but, in fact, that’s not the truth. The band added more melody to their music but not enough to cause a change of genres. Looking back to what I wrote on the last review, I miss the catchy choruses and songs that the previous album was made of. This album doesn’t have the same grip. However, the way the songs were built up the fan gets the idea that the songs are kind of catchy. I mean, the instrumentals give this idea as they are inspired on Old School Heavy Metal. In a nutshell, “Inferno XXXIII” is an album that showcases another facete of Ulvedharr. Only that. It’s still worth any penny.

If you, my dear child of the night, like me were asking where does the album tittle come from I got the answer from the press release. “The creepy but stunning artwork is based on Dante Alighieri’s ‘Inferno’, chapter XXXIII, where the word ‘vengeance’ is the main subject of the action. Thus, the entire mood of the record is dark, morbid and oppressing – just as extreme metal is always supposed to be.” Plain simple. Dante Alighieri’s ‘Inferno’ reference. Why didn’t I think of that? Metal music always providing culture to all metallers.

Ulvedharr “Inferno XXXIII” was released on April 21st via Scarlet Records.

Track Listing:

  1. A Full Reload of Fear
  2. Wasteland
  3. Revenge Sloop
  4. Dagon
  5. Master Liar
  6. The Edge
  7. Etternal Attack
  8. Their Game
  9. A New Good
  10. Oblivion

Watch “Wasteland” official music video here: