Ulvedharr – World of Chaos

Ulvedharr “World of Chaos” is an interesting release because its unique combination of Sepultura’s Max Cavalera’s Death Metal vocals and Heavy Metal plus a Punk Rock instrumentals does make a difference. “World of Chaos” has those Metal catchy guitar riffs that are kept in your mind until the next album you listen – or for good. Listen to “Cold War” whose catchy chorus make all the difference or the premiere track “What have We Done” which besides its very apropriate title has a catchy guitar riff that works perfectly as an invitation card to the album.

“World of Chaos” is one of these albums which no matter catchy the songs are we, as great heavy metallers, wouldn’t dare to disdain it due to the aforementioned catchy features. All ten tracks have their own way to cacth the fan – or it is the guitar riff, or it is the chorus, or even all the song. It is an album impossible not to like it at first listening. Take “World of Chaos” title track whose guitar solo is amazing and – guess what? – catchy. Another track that the fan will singalong for a long, but long time. Okay, Death Metal is not supposed – or allowed – to be catchy or likeable, but come on! We all sometimes need an album to make us smile grimly. That’s Ulvedharr “World of Chaos” what makes to us. Who could live away without the adrenalized and groaning vocals of “Fallout” which catches the fan by the first second with its insistent and hypnotic punk guitar riff. That’s the track the makes the fan grim and grim at large.

I know that we metalheads get suspicious when a band or an album gets so catchy. We all have that band that once disappointed us in the past when they exagerated on the level of cacthiness. It’s perfect undestandable. I have mine also, but let’s give Ulvedharr a try. Well, let’s not forget that “World of Chaos” is their forth album. So, there is still a lot of time…

Ah, by the way, go right to “Vision of Chaos” and tell me frankly if you didn’t bang at large. Ah, come on…

Ulvedharr “World of Chaos” was released on May 24th via Scarlet Records.

Track Listing:

  1. What Have We Done
  2. Death Stare
  3. Cold War
  4. World of Chaos
  5. Fire in the Hole
  6. Chemical Wind Unbalance
  7. Fallout
  8. Silent Beholder
  9. Pull the Trigger
  10. Vision of Chaos

Watch “Vision of Chaos” official music video here: