Unanimated – Victory in Blood Review

Everything was going pretty normal, regular yet, when third, and killing, track “As the Night Takes Us” starts with its blatant change of mooding and its almost martial cadence given by the drums and, sometimes, the guitars. In the begining it was one more competent Death Metal album however without anything that could stand it out from the crowd. “As the Night Takes Us” changed it all. The cadence the guitars give to it by the end of the song is remarkable. So damn sorry I don’t know the name of the technique but the notes go growing until reach the top note and end. This track even made me look “Victory in Blood” with other eyes. I mean to pay more attention to the songs. You know, sometimes we enter in an autopilot mode. It happens.

You, my dear child of the night, knows that I do like to pay attention to band’s names. That said Unanimated is a great name for a Death Metal band. It fits like a glove. Names say much about a band, don’t you agree? Ok, now that I’m paying too much more attention to “Victory in Blood” I noticed that there are other moments of a radical change of heart. Well, in my defense when I started to write this review I hadn’t heward all the album. That’s something I do of starting to write before listening to the album. I just go listening and writing. “XIII” has a strong change of heart as well as it goes as slowly as a medieval torture with a clean guitar giving the lead altogether with a distorted one. By the way, as I talked about medieval torture, the song gives a tremendous plot twist in the middle with some strummings and a voice that can be related to some medieval mooding.

Funny thing to think that the songs I liked the most in “Victory in Blood” were the ones that were ourt of the box from standard Death Metal. I always tell my dear fans that I like to write about the things that call my attention and somewhat are different from the patterns Metal styles impose. Ok, I know, not that much, but I do. For instance, “Chaos Ascends” and its intro full of guitar strummings with an ethereal sonancy to suddenly bursts into the fastly insane The Golden Dawn of Murder.” I do like the fastly insane. Don’t you think I don’t. The kind of track that keeps my attention. Always. By the way, the tribla cadence of “Divine Hunger” also give me the thrills. Its speed and velocity make my mind.

Unanimated “Victory in Blood” will be released on December 03rd via Century Media Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Victory in Blood
  2. Seven Mouths of Madness
  3. As the Night Takes Us
  4. The Devil Rides Out
  5. With a Cold Embrace
  6. Demon Pact (Mysterium Tremendum)
  7. XIII
  8. Scepter of Vengeance
  9. Chaos Ascends
  10. The Golden Dawn of Murder
  11. Divine Hunger
  12. The Poetry of the Scarred Earth

Watch “As the Night Takes Us” official lyric video here: