Undrask – God Emperor Review

There are the first impressions of the first time one listens to an album. They are strong and remarkable, but most of the times they are not that accurate or even fair because, as I said many times, some songs may be deceiving. So are impressions. From the first time you can get the most general impression possible. It’s possible to tell if the band is good or not or, in my very specific case, to decide whether or not to review the album. It’s on the second time when the clouded and gray skies clean and it’s possible to see everything that is around. From the second time it’s possible to get the details, and as we all know, the devil is on the details. It’s when the impressions get more crystalized and an opinion can be formed without being reckless. Those are the reasons I always give bands and album a second, and third or fourth, time around. It’s not on the first time that ideas come to mind in order to be possible to write a review. It depends on many aspects after all it’s a creative task. I had some impressions the first I heard Undrask with “God Emperor” especially regarding to first track “Eye of the Archdemon.” By the way, before “God Emperor” I had never heard the term archdemon even though it makes sense as a counterpoint to archangel. So, I went to the Wikipedia and I was somehow right. They say “In some occult and similar writings, an archdemon (also spelled  archdaemon), archdevil, or archfiend is a spiritual entity prominent in the infernal hierarchy as a leader of demons. Essentially, the archdemons are the evil opponents of the archangels.” Metal Addicts is also culture. The first time I heard the track by the 1980s sound of the keyboards – near that Casio sound so much used back then – plus the slow guitar phrasing I thought it would be some kind NWOBHM band that had its album re-released. But I was flat wrong. Undrask are a solid Death Metal band and “God Emperor” is a hell of an album.

“Eye of the Archdemon” combines many traits Death Metal bands are using today in a very creative way. They did deceive me, didn’t they? There are lots of different moods in the album which make it into a varied album as opening track “Eye of the Archdemon” tells it so. To some “God Emperor” may sound Melodic Death Metal and I have to say that they aren’t wrong at all. The melodic guitars of “The Mountain” tell this tale. However, the punding drumming and the eerie vocals of “Queen” takes the band near to a Black Metal mood. The keyboards and the guitars of “The Thing in the Pit” tell me so. Is it or not it? It’s just listening to all the album that my dear fan will get an exact idea of it and, then, it may be possible to judge if Melodic Death Metal goes with it. It’s the melody that comes from the guitars that make the fan think and decide for the latter opinion. “God Emperor” carries so much melody to be otherwise. By the way, the album features to especial guests that prove me right. Just take a look at the track listing.

Undrask”God Emperor” was released on April 21st.

Track Listing:

  1. Eye of the Archdemon
  2. Spoils of War
  3. The Tempering
  4. We Are Longhammer
  5. The Mountain
  6. Queen (feat. Morgan Riley)
  7. The Thing in the Pit
  8. The Climb
  9. Collectors
  10. Heart of the Abyss (feat. Jeff Loomis)
  11. God Emperor

Watch “The Mountain” official music video here: