UNENDLICH Found the ‘Paradox of a Broken World’

After two years of brooding, Maryland-based black metal outfit Unendlich have unleashed their fury upon the masses with their ferocious new LP – “Paradox of a Broken World.” “Paradox of a Broken World” juxtaposes the impending doom of a world coming undone at its seams with the consistent need for humans to deny their own reality.

Inspired by one-man Black Metal bands, Unendlich are the sole creation of multi-instrumentalist Michael Connors. Unendlich’s style retains the chaotic aggression and brutality of black metal tempered with Connors’ signature melodic edge, recalling the halcyon days of extreme metal.

Beginning in 2010,  the haunting and melodic offerings of Unendlich quickly gained attention among the cult of the underground, solidifying their place among the black metal underground. The theme of the first album, “Monarch of the Damned,” focused on the blindness of power that leads to short-term destruction but paradoxical long-term evolution of humanity.

Never shy to explore within the genre, the aptly titled, “Scales of Existence,” continued the band’s legacy. This sophomore effort is a journey through a nihilistic existence, the vices used to cope, and the resulting aftermath.

In true black metal tradition, the third album, “Thanatophobia,” reveals religion as a mechanism to satisfy the human ego’s desire to attribute meaning to one’s existence and pacify the feelings of discomfort in the unknowns of life and death.

The upcoming fourth album, “Paradox of a Broken World,” is an observation of human hypocrisy and absurdity, where denying the realities within society and within oneself accelerates the inevitable destruction of civilization. Recorded during the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns the truth of this album became ever apparent. A true materialization of the not-so-imaginary world being created, the album either by coincidence or not, is in tune with our dissonant times.

Written and Performed by Mike Connors.

Additional Lead Guitar on   “Inner Kill” and “No Hope” by Tyler McCarthy.

Mixed and Mastered by Lawrence Mackrory.

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