Unendlich – Paradox of a Broken World Review

The instrumentals got me for this one.

It’s too hard to tell exactly what takes me in a band. I mean, one of the most difficult things in life to pass in words music. Yeah, I know I said that “Paradox of a Broken World” got me by the instrumentals. Neverthless, as I said just the other day, the only thing that connects Black Metal bands nowadays is the shrieking vocals because instrumentals vary so much. Unendlich use the instrumental base as Melodic Death Metal bands. I mean, the basis is a strong Classic Heavy Metal riffing with some touches of dissonants and more melodic scales. The rule here is to contrast the melodic with the harsh. Cadences vary a lot too and can go from the slow and shoegazed to the fast-as-the-speed-of-light. There are also a lot sof breaks in the music and not only breaks of tempos. “Paradox of a Broken World” sounds as the more cutting feature in Black metal instrumentals though that doesn’t mean to be fancy. The music here is as simple as it can be. What unites Unendlich with other Black metal bands of all factions and legions is the despair and anguish in the vocals.

The way “Paradox of a Broken World” is kicked off with the straight ahead yell of “Wisdom of Suffering” is one of the things that amazes me for sure. This kind of screaming and yelling is the stapler of Metal Music that I find more curious and attractive. It’s the most pwerful kind of advice of what is to come. This is exactly the kind of song that I say that connects easily with the rest of the album as an opening track. No more, no less.

I find it amazing how vocalist even using gutural voices as in “No Hope” can emulate an actual singing. The ones who have ever tried to do this kind of vocals know how difficult it’s to maintain the voice. Moreover, how difficult it’s to go out of the path and add some more melodic tunes to the vocalizing. If I were to define “Paradox of a Broken World” in just one song I would pick this song because it combines everything Unendlich deliver in the album. The melody, the anguish, the despair, the combination of sweet and sour, the power and the touchy.

Unendlich “Paradox of a Broken World” will be self-Released on July 09th.

Track Listing:

  1. Wisdom of Suffering
  2. Space of Decay
  3. It Consumes You
  4. Into Abandonment
  5. Inner Kill
  6. Mask of the Adversary
  7. Being Erased
  8. Culmination of Hate
  9. No Hope
  10. Paradox of a Broken World

Watch “Inner Kill” official video here: