Ungoliantha – Through The Chaos, Through Time, Through The Death

How sick can a Metal band be? What are the boundaries to pure sickness and madness?

Just a few years ago, to make a guess, about in the beginning of the 1990s, extreme metal bands were stuck. The urge need to be the fastest to be the heaviest were an upgoing problem to many bands. But then, Carcass and some other bands decided that speed should not be a limitation. Otherwise, speed is an instrument to be used whenever a band wants to. In my opinion, it was a breakthrough moment in Metal. The lines bands have to cross now are the ones I wrote in the beginning.

Ungoliantha with “Through The Chaos, Through Time, Through The Death” prove that those lines are very far to be crossed. There’s no limit at all. Ungoliantha were able to use all kinds of orchestrations and melodies without lossing a bit of the raw black metal everybody wants to hear. And the result is nothing than the sickiest thing I’ve ever heard. Dissonations are very welcome by Ungoliantha“Through The Chaos, Through Time, Through The Death” is the priviledged work of a band that hasn’t ever lost their origins, but added something else to them. Orchestral parts add anger and sickness to “Through The Chaos, Through Time, Through The Death,” and sometimes, some beauty.

But don’t get it wrong. “Through The Chaos, Through Time, Through The Death” is an effort of excruciating speed. Ungoliantha are as fast as it is possible to be, but that doesn’t limit the band. No, sir. It gives Ungoliantha more oportunities to show how resourcefull they can be.

Ungoliantha prove that it is possible to deal with all human emotions without getting emotional. It is possible to write songs about sadness and misery without being cheesy. Even slower songs, but not that slow, like “Black Winds” are full of the anger Ungoliantha feel and want to share with us. It’s really been some time that I don’t hear such an effort as “Through The Chaos, Through Time, Through The Death.” Ungoliantha are a band which really know how to give us real plot twists in songs. “Through The Chaos, Through Time, Through The Death” is full of them. And that makes it an effort that really can make a difference. And when you think you had enough emotion for the day, comes “Through The Death” to show you that it is possible be amazed more. The church organ intro gives a very intimate atmosphere to be destroyed by the sequence of the song. The mix between orchestral and pure black metal despair is just perfect. It can’t get better.

There is only one problem with Ungoliantha’s “Through The Chaos, Through Time, Through The Death.” It can’t be used to annoy your neighbours. They may like it.

Track Listing:

  1. Intro
  2. Following the Black Kindness
  3. To the Ultimate Gate
  4. Black Essence of Christ
  5. Pressed Down by the Fallen Pivot of Life
  6. Black Winds
  7. Reckoning
  8. Through the Death
  9. Armageddon
  10. Black Essence of Christ (Demo)
  11. Black Winds (Demo)
  12. Lost Wisdom (Burzum cover)

Ungoliantha’s  “Through The Chaos, Through Time, Through The Death” will cross the line on November 24th via Satanic Art Media on LP.

Watch “Following the Black Kindness” promo video here: