Ungraven – Language of Longing

Here we have a very peculiar album that will stoke your curiosity at large. Apparently, when it comes to rational musicality, Ungraven’s “Language of Longing” is not under any rules, it doesn’t follow the common musical patterns, even for Metal. I’d rather say “Language of Longing” is a very intriguing album due to the estrangement one feels when hears it for the first time. It’s an album that one has to get used to it. It touches your feelings deeply.

First things first, the feeling one has when hears “Language of Longing” for the first time is that the vocals don’t follow the instrumentals. That may be because instrumentals were recorded in a volume very near the voice, and that causes a strange feeling. Then, the drumming is more of a pounding that hardly fits the chordly instruments. “In aggro Master,” for instance, they sound much more of martial beat than to be giving the tempo and cadence. Guitars are the only ones that seem to have some rational sequence in riffing, but all those put together seem almost a free jazz piece, in that case “free Metal.” Only “Onward She Rides to a Certain Death” sounds a bit, I said a bit, normal. When I say normal, I say it on Ungraven terms, thus, what is normal to Ungraven certainly doesn’t fit to other bands. Coming to think of it, there are no regular choruses in “Language of Longing.” For instance, “Onward She Rides to a Certain Death” is sang in such a way that all lines seem to be part of the chorus.

“Language of Longing” is a puzzling album that you should hear to get what some insane mind can bear. I praise bands like Ungraven because the defy the rules, they go beyond limits, and the outcome is fantastic. A tip, if I may, go right to “Targetted,” an insane and mesmerizing instrumental track. You’ll get puzzled!

Ungraven  “Language of Longing” will be released on March 01st via Black Bow Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Blackened Gates Of Eternity
  2. Impale Lore
  3. Aggro Master
  4. Onward She Rides to a Certain Death
  5. Targetted

Watch “Targetted” official video here: