UNLEASH THE ARCHERS Release New Track-By-Track Video For ‘Apex’

UNLEASH THE ARCHERS is a Canadian heavy metal band from Victoria, BC. The band plays a fusion of traditional heavy metal with power metal and melodic metal. The band released a new track-by-track video for their upcoming album “Apex“. You can check out the video below.

These heavy metal heroes are celebrating this honour with an exhilarating feast on “Apex“, their fourth masterpiece. This one will take nerves of steel; from its opener “Awakening” to the closing title track, the listener will partake in a furious adventure, weaving through elements of the strongest metal genres of our time. You’ll be guided by the shimmering heat of sweeping lead guitars, face-melting solos, deafening growls, pummelling bass lines and of course the thrilling hooks of Brittney Slayes‘ king-size voice.

“Apex” Full Track Listing:

01. Awakening
02. Shadow Guide
03. The Matriarch
04. Cleanse The Bloodlines
05. The Coward’s Way
06. False Walls
07. Ten Thousand Against One
08. Earth And Ashes
09. Call Me Immortal
10. Apex

You can order the album here.

Through swift melodies and a flair for the dramatic, UNLEASH THE ARCHERS newest release compels you to chant with fists raised high in the air “All hail heavy metal!”