Unleash the Archers – Time Stands Still

PromoImage (46)  Sometimes a welcome change is . . . well . . . welcome. Whether it be you add in a new instrument to shake up a folk metal band, bring in a new vocalist in bring more intensity, or adding digital effects to a post metal album for more post, there’s always a band looking to make a change and create a new and unique sound that no one has thought of before. That’s exactly what Unleash the Archers have done. I imagine they’ve done this with their first 3 albums but for all I know they’ve only done this for their fourth and upcoming album “Time Stands Still”. Combining both power metal and melodic death metal into one album is something that I’d never think of, but it’s works so f**king well that I still cannot believe it. While the vast majority of “Time Stands Still” is power metal, the melodic death does show up in terms of the vocals becoming so much more awesomely brutal along with the guitars only to switch back to the power metal which is flawless to say in the least. These two genres let this album become so much more than what it would be if it were straight power metal and that is what brought a very loyal fan base to Unleash the Archers when they first came onto the scene because this music is done right and it’s always done right without mistake. It’s melodic (obviously) and it has a great sound and feel throughout all of “Time Stands Still” which is why I recommend this to any fan of the band, fans of power metal, and people who aren’t afraid of a little melodic death metal because this album has got just the kind of s**t you want.

“Time Stands Still” comes out June 26th. You can stream the track “Tonight We Ride” and then purchase the album via iTunes here.

Track Listing:

  1. Northern Passage
  2. Frozen Steel
  3. Hail of the Tide
  4. Tonight We Ride
  5. Test Your Metal
  6. Crypt
  7. No More Heroes
  8. Dreamcrusher
  9. Going Down Fighting
  10. Time Stands Still
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