US IN MOTION Release Haunting New Video For ‘Romantics’

Us In Motion

US IN MOTION is an alternative-rock band from Nashville, TN., formed when vocalist Grant Bastin and drummer Britt Watkins began writing music together in 2016. Since then, they have continued to curate themselves as a band, both visually and with their sound.

With the additions of Taite McKinney and Kenny Thompson, they present songs that satisfy your nostalgia for music, drawing influence from MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE and THE USED, while looking to the future of active and alternative rock alongside bands like PVRIS and BRING ME THE HORIZON.

“Nothing Above” releases August 16th as US IN MOTION’s debut record. Each song has its own cinematic story, drawing from real-life scenarios in the lives of the members.

On the single, Grant says “‘Romantics’ is about losing a loved one or partner. It’s not necessarily about grieving the person, it’s about how you handle the trauma and how you react to it as a whole; do you blame yourself? Others? Do you take it out on yourself to the point of losing your own life, or do you find a way to suppress it and move on? All of these songs on this record are written into their own stories, which reflect real life scenarios that happened to me in my life.”

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