V.A. British Steel (Compilation)

Ah, compilations. How controvertial they are. Some love them, some hate them. But no one can deny that many bands had their first opportunity being part of one. Maybe, a participation on a compilation would the difference between splitting and success. Looking backwards, one may think that the compilations made during the 1980’s were like a hodgepodge of metal bands and styles. “Metal Massacre,” the most famous and praised, had bands such Metallica, Slayer, Lizzy Borden, Cirith Ungol, Armored Saint, Bitch, Metal Church, and many others. Others like “Speed Metal Hell” have been a point of entry to many bands like Savage Grace, Flotsam and Jetsam, At War, Artillery, and others.

V. A. British Steel comes to us to fill the blanks. Bands still need a push, specially those who are stick to the what is called traditional, old school  metal or simply NWOBHM. As we all know, times have changed a lot since the first Metal Massacre. But things are to change, as Engels teaches us, no problem with that. The point is: it’s getting more and more difficult to make a living playing any kind of music than the one we’ve been listening for about thirty years. To be truthful, to any kind of music that isn’t instantly mediatic. And that what makes efforts like V. A. British Steel more important. One may say that this ship has sailed about thirty years ago, but who cares. Eleven bands in V. A. British Steel certainly don’t.

Amulet, Aggressive Perfector, Eliminator, Dungeon, Dark Forest, Toledo Steel, Vuil, Seven Sisters, Insurgency, Neronspoiler, Wytch Hazel are faithful to their 1980’s beliefs. And we must respect that. I certainly do. Some has been around for about ten years or more. Too much time for playing for tiny audiences. Time to get the recognition they all deserve. Time for some respect. And V. A. British Steel does that perfectly. All bands had their share. All of them were perfectly recorded. Maybe the first (and only) time that some will step in a professional studio. Maybe some will collapse right after the release, but who cares, they had their chance. And that counts a lot for most.

Musically speaking V. A. British Steel is diverse. It sticks to the same and healthful heart of the 1980s. Bands are a myriad of Metal styles. All 1980’s styles are represented here. Moreover, most of them play by heart and passion. V. A. British Steel is full of guts. There are no virtuosos, no show offs. It’s noticeable that most are self-instructed. That’s the beauty of it. We all like virtuosos in Metal music, but we praise the most the ones who plays with heart and passion. That’s how we like Metal music, no more, no less. And guess what? There will be a release show in London! Yes, that’s right. And guess who’s frontlining it? Grim Reaper.

Track Listing:

  1. Amulet – Highway Woman
  2. Aggressive Perfector – Harlot’s Spell
  3. Eliminator – Lost To The Void
  4. Dungeon – Queen Of Sin
  5. Dark Forest – Where The Arrow Falls
  6. Toledo Steel – Rock Nights
  7. Vuil – Iron Witch
  8. Seven Sisters – The Witch’s Eyes
  9. Insurgency – Destined For Death
  10. Neuronspoiler – Slay The Beast
  11. Witch Hazel – Freedom Battle

V. A. British Steel will be released on Setember 22nd via Dissonance Productions and Back On Black.

The album launch show will be on saturday, September 23rd, on The Underworld Camden, London. 

You can pre-order the CD here. If you prefer the vinyl, click here.

British Steel – The Rising Force Of British Heavy Metal” is also available via Amazon: both CD and vinyl; and iTunes GB.

Watch the promo clip here: