Valkyrie – Fear

Here is a great example of what I, and many scholars and critics, call Proto Metal. I have to mention here that Proto Metal is to Heavy Metal as the Neanderthal is to the Cro Magnon. I mean, for instance, a band as Cream which featured lots of what would  be called Heavy Metal, but the band wasn’t Heavy Metal yet. I guess that sums up everything.  If the fan pay a close attention, it is possible to easily find out what I mean here or the difference between Heavy Rock or Acid Rock and Proto Metal. First things first, the riffing has a huge importance because it is the thing that makes the big difference from one to another. It is also important to note that in an album like this is that most of the songs are Proto Metal, and some may have the characteristics or features of Heavy Rock and Acid Rock. The quantity of songs with Proto Metal features tells a lot. I mean, most of the songs must follow the determined path of Proto Metal. Other thing to play attention is to the guitar techniques, Proto Metal is full of pentatonics, sometimes major modes, full chords instead of power chords, the drumming has no double bass and vocals can be harsh but never gutural. Those full chords may be clean or may be full of overdrive depending on the intention. That’s a relevant difference.

In this Valkyrie “Fear” there are lots of Proto Metal things. First track “Feeling so Low” is a great invitation card to the world I’m presenting you all. It’s heavy and thick full of guitar phrases and fuzz. Take for instance the track “Evil Eyes” with its amazing lead guitar phrases that conducts all the powerhouse and mood of the song. It’s a typical Proto or early Metal construction brought from Heavy Rock. “Fear” is full of those references. Pay attention to the clean and clear vocals. It’s also another relevant feature to mention. Jake Adams’s voice is the crystal clear of the common man that decided to sing. That’s the intention, one doesn’t have to be an artist, it’s only the intention of being one. No need for special education. Heavy Rock is a genre of heart and soul. That’s one of the legacies it left to Metal.

Valkyrie “Fear” will be released on July 24th via Relapse Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Feeling so Low
  2. Afraid to Live
  3. Loveblind
  4. The Choice
  5. Fear and Sacrifice
  6. Brings You Down
  7. Evil Eye
  8. Exasperator

Watch “Feeling so Low” official video here: