Valkyrie – Shadows

a0222019929_16 Taking a page from some of the earliest metal acts to ever come into the world of music, Valkyrie has shown without a doubt that the sound, the texture, and the feel of classic metal can be reproduced perfectly and that can be seen in all of its glory with their latest album, Shadows”. The best thing about this album would have to be the extensive and amazing use of kickass riffs in each and every track which gets your attention within seconds and makes you want more with each passing moment. The fact that the sheer sound of the guitars and drums don’t sound like they belong to any particular genre with them being the perfect example of hearkening back to the original metal sound. The same thing goes for the vocals which have this really nice echo to them that added a really cool effect that made the tracks more memorable and hard hitting than if they didn’t have an echo. And while “Shadows” only has 7 tracks to its name, Valkyrie makes up for that with each track being over 5 minutes long and each one being a powerful riff filled experience. This album is such that it should not be missed if you want to be thrown back to the origins of metal itself and be jam packed with modern riffs from expertly done guitars at the same time.

You can stream “Shadows” on Bandcamp here, stream the first track, “Mountain Stomp”, via YouTube below, and then purchase the album via iTunes here.

Track Listing:

  1. Mountain Stomp
  2. Golden Age
  3. Temple
  4. Shadow of Reality
  5. Wintry Plains
  6. Echoes (Of The Ways We Lived)
  7. Carry On