Valvera Release New Album in 2017

Valvera are seekinglogo  for a new level in 2017. The new album “Back to Hell”  is a turning point to the band’s career. Produced by Marcelo Pompeu and Heros Trench, Korzus frontman and axeman, the album is seen as a complex and important step forward to the band. Playing a furious, and modern metal, the band was established in 2010, and has been around and playing gigs for sometime.

Rodrigo Torres e Jesiel Lagoin, Valvera’s axeman and bass player, explain that the production will be grandful with more complex, and musically speaking, more intricated songs. “Our aim is to make a living from the band, and not to play some festivals every year or release new material in a five year range”, says the band.

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