VANDOR Are ‘On a Moonlit Night’

‘On a Moonlit Night’ is the highlight of the brief but already remarkable Vandor’s career.

The Swedish band looked at the best moments of their brilliant debut-album –  2019’s ‘In the Land of Vandor’ –  and aimed at writing in that vein, expanding the stylistic horizon at the same time. They managed to cover so much musical ground on this record, spanning from the anthemic ‘Mountains of Avagale’ to the beautiful ‘Future to Behold’ and the intense warmongering tale of ‘Fate of Eltoria’, and finishing with the almost 20-minute-long saga ‘The Sword to End All Wars’.

This second album is even more power metal than the previous one, but Vandor also embraced some elegant and subtle hard & progressive rock influences – which might not come as a shock for those familiar with their music.

Enter the realm of Vandor, enter a new and exciting power metal dimension.

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