VANE Release New Human Sacrifice Inspired Video For ‘The Ritual’


Welcome to “The Ritual”; the latest single from Polish death / groove metal outfit VANEThis video fills in one of many gaps in the story from the bands acclaimed 2018’s Black Vengeance album – here we find out what happened to the courtesan from the track “Spilling Guts” after she betrayed the protagonist of the story. Her reward turned out to be quite grim; as she was sacrificed to the Voodoo spirits in a carefully depicted ritual. Lush production value and a careful attention to authentic period aesthetics means that this video rivals anything you’ve seen on the big screen!

With “The Ritual”, the band delivers an undeniably brutal track with musical nods to Decapitated, Lamb of God and In Flames alongside powerful vocals and thematic content that mixes the best of melodic death metal….with pirates!

Band comments: “In the video for ‘The Ritual’ we wanted to focus on the storytelling aspect of what VANE is about. There is a story behind every song we’ve made so far, and this time it’s a fairly interesting one, as for the first time we delve into the realms of voodoo magic. The darkness and grit set the mood for the whole video, as you watch the story unveil itself… highlighting certain parts of the lyrics and explaining their meaning, by visualizing the poetic layers of the song.”