VANHELGD Unleashes New Song, ‘Kerernas Törst’

Vanhelgd 2023
Photo credit: Henrik Stolt

The newest track from dödsmetall horde VANHELGD is now streaming! “Kerernas Törst” comes off the band’s long-awaited new album, Atropos Doctrina.

After six long years, VANHELGD has finally installed a successor to 2018’s monumental Deimos Sanktuarium on the notorious Svensk Dödsmetall throne. But as the saying goes, good things are worth waiting for, and as the Fates would have it, the Swedes’ sixth opus Atropos Doctrina might just be the best of the bunch.

Atropos Doctrina was recorded under the watchful eye of MARDUK’s Magnus “Devo” Andersson at Norrköping’s Endarker Studios, and the odds are you won’t hear a heavier production for a good wee while. Backed by ice-cold performances and precision from the band, Atropos Doctrina might just be the biggest sounding album of 2024 to date!

Despite its Latin title, all lyrics on the record are in the band’s mother tongue, marking an end to their Anglo-Swedish lyrical approach.

An indifference to trends and scene sentiments persists as VANHELGD’s trump card. And after 17 years the band remains just as uncompromising as ever, honing their unique blend of atmospheric death and black metal to perfection.

Atropos Doctrina track listing:

1. Saliga äro de dödfödda

2. Kom dödens tysta ängel

3. Ofredsår

4. I ovigd jord

5. Atropos Hymnarium

6. Galgdanstid

7. Kerernas törst

8. Gravjordsfrid

Vanhelgd Atropos Doctrina