Vaping Depiction In Various Video Games

Person Wearing Motorcycle Helmet

Vaping is not a new thing these days since now many movies, TV shows, and singers in music videos frequently show vape devices. Even some big Hollywood stars like Kate Moss and Tom Hardy are fans of this electronic cigarette. It is considered as an acronym of tobacco cigarettes and that’s why many experts suggest vaping as an alternative to quit smoking. But outside of films and TV shows, several video games have also shown some of their characters choosing electronic cigarettes or a vaping device over conventional tobacco cigarette.

So, apart from the director of the movies and series, our super minded game developers have taken a step forward to show vape devices in the positive limelight. We are not just throwing stones in the air. Many studies have proven that vaping can be a less harmful alternative to smoking since there is no smoking or combustion in vaping, just steam. It is said to 95% safer than traditional cigarettes.With awareness among the people, more vape shops are now available online and offline as well. So being gamers, we are going to discuss here some of the games which portray vaping:

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

The first game in this list of showing vaping positively is the fifth installment of stealth shooter Metal Gear Solid – Metal Gear Solid 5. The game was released in September with the same lead character named Snake who is known as a chain-smoker since the previous installments of the game. In this fifth installment of the game, they have brought some changes and Snake steaming with a vape device or electronic cigarette which is known as a Phantom cigar. He used to smoke an herb names Wormwood in this e-cigar and it allows him to speed up his awareness of time.

The Sims

This is among the best known and most popular computer games that have ever existed. Since there are so-called expansion packs for this game, the possibilities to customize the game are almost endless. Players can create new items on their own or even buy some items from in-app purchases.

In the fourth installment of the game – The Sims 4, users are allowed to unlock such an item named bubbles blower which was kind of e-cigarette. Actually, it is a mixture of vape and hookah. This vaping device allows players’ characters to taste choices like Cosmic Encounter, Plum Fairy Fizz, and other antidepressant variants can enjoy. By some patching and additional hacking, players can also try options of gases such as helium, sulfur, krypton, radon, and argon in this vaping device. This seems interesting in real life as well.

Vape Master

This is a game exclusive for Android devices and it is all about vaping. If you haven’t tried it then you can play it on your smartphone. The objective of the game is to pick up your vaping device and you have to fill the whole room with the smoke of the vaporizer. But you have to save yourself from the guard. This is said to thee first vaping and where you can also compete with other players in various locations.