VARG VIKERNES Reveals The First Song He Ever Made

In his recent video, BURZUM mastermind Varg Vikernes has unveiled “Strange World,” the first song he ever made. He said in the introduction (as transcribed by

“Music – is it a type of magic? I think it is. Because it moves emotions, it awakens memories, it creates memories. We remember [with the] help of music.”

Adding he thinks the song was recorded in 1987 – at which time he was around 14 years old – Varg focused on the track, saying:

“It’s not very original, nor innovative, but I like it because it brings back so many memories of my teenage years. It enables me to remember things I otherwise would have forgotten all about by now… as if by magic.”

Vikernes then added:

“It was the first step on a long walk downhill… that I had to undo by walking hard uphill again. Memories are like the scars of the mind. But I don’t complain. My life is good. All that walking made it good…”

He also said in the comments section:

“For more self-centered and sentimental crap, please subscribe to my channel.”

Check the song below.