VATTNET VISKAR: ‘Colony’ Track Premiere


New Hampshire’s post-black metal band, VATTNET VISKAR, has launched a new video for “Colony“, the second single from their upcoming sophomore album “Settler“. The clip was made by multimedia artist, Josh Graham (ex-NEUROSIS, SOUNDGARDEN), who also created the band’s “Breath of the Almighty” and “Settler” videos. Song can be seen below.

VATTNET VISKAR‘s Nick Thornbury (Guitar/Vocals) comments: “I was reading an article about how a colony of ants actually learns faster than Google, which is completely insane.  Luckily we had this sort of mathy but still dark sounding song that seemed a perfect match for that concept.  I, for one, welcome our new insect overlords.”

“Settler” will be released June 29th in Europe (June 16th in North America).

“Settler”  track-listing:

  1. Dawnlands
  2. Colony
  3. Yearn
  4. Impact
  5. Glory
  6. Heirs
  7. Settler
  8. Coldwar