VEIL OF SECRETS And ‘Dead Poetry’

VEIL OF SECRETS are a new Doom Metal band formed by Vibeke Stene and Asgeir Mickelson. Their debut album “Dead Poetry” is set to be released through Crime Records on November 30th, 2020. It marks the return to the scene for Stene after leaving Tristania in 2007 and is Mickelson’s first outlet as main songwriter. The fundament of VEIL OF SECRETS is to make music from the heart – and the belief that honest music is the only way to really captivate and move the listener. It is pure Doom Metal, still with a niche of its own.
Vibeke Stene is known as the singer of Tristania, 1997-2007. With VEIL OF SECRETS, she has composed the majority of lyrics and vocals. Asgeir Mickelson is known for having played drums in Borknagar, Sarke, Ihsahn, Spiral Architect, Vintersorg, Abyssic, Testament, and others. With VEIL OF SECRETS, he has written all music and recorded drums, guitars, and bass. In live situations, he will handle drums. Growling vocals on the album were done by Erling Malm (Endolith, Articulus), who will also play guitar live. Violin was done by Sareeta (Ram-Zet, ex-Ásmegin), who will also join on live shows. The live line-up will be completed with another guitarist and bassist. This constellation is “the band”, but the creative core is Stene & Mickelson.
“Dead Poetry” was produced by the duo, mixed at Toproom Studio by Børge Finstad, and mastered at dUb Studio by Endre Kirkesola.

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