VEISLAKT Release ‘Dræbe’

Friday May 8th 2020, Veislakt will release their  4th album “Dræbe” (a.k.a “Kills”) through F**king North Pole Records and distributed by Diger Distribution.

This album is the rawest, fast paced and energetic album Veislakt has released to this date.

“Dræbe” contains 9 songs in under 33 minutes that will not slow down, not compromise and the listener will always play it loud.
Veislakt usually sing in their native Norwegian dialect Jærsk, were the lyrics are mostly political and self reflecting.

But this time it will also contain an original song in English, and a cover song by Dead Boys, “Sonic Reducer,” just because they want to do something different this time around.
The album will be released on Vinyl in gatefold, Orange Vinyl (Ltd. Editionin gatefold, Cassette (Ltd Edition), CD and Digital.

Veislakt started out as a punk one-man project by vocalist René Undem in 2013, but by the release of his  EP in 2014, “Hommersand EP” the project progressed into becoming a band.
Veislakt has over the years developed to become more hardcore, more metal  and less punk through every release since 2014.  The band have used more  and more of their musical inspirations, like Therapy?, Iron MaidenStrife, Sick Of It AllRefused and Machine Head to name a few.

In Norway they have been compared musically with KvelertakThe Good The Bad & The Zugly and Turbonegro.

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