Vektor David Disanto

Thrash metallers VEKTOR have been dropped from Century Media Records roster.

Century Media issued a brief statement, writing: “Effective immediately, Century Media has decided to part ways with VEKTOR.

In 2019, Katy DiSanto, the wife of VEKTOR vocalist/guitarist David DiSanto, has posted a minute-long video in her Instagram she filmed with her cell phone that shows David picking her up and throwing her, loudly verbally berating her and throwing a pillow at her face while she quietly cries.

She accused David of stealing their wedding money because he’d been fired from his job for showing up hungover too many times, that he strangled her in a San Antonio hotel room until another room called the cops, that he sexually assaulted her in Salt Lake City then locked her in a basement and told her not to talk about it.

Some time later, David commented on the matter, writing at the time:

“Hey, there’s a lot of misinformation going on. I tried to stay quiet, but there is too much hatred spawning off of everything. I’ve gotta say something but keep things vague. I need everyone to know that sometimes relationships get tricky and people say and do bad things when things turn sour. I never wanted my life to turn into a dumb reality show/Soap Opera, but here it is. It really demeans the music this band has created.

“There’s a person who has destroyed this entire band and, (surprise!) it wasn’t me. I honestly feel very embarrassed that I lied for many years trying to save that person, while hurting myself, band mates, friends, and family in the process. All I ask is for all the hatred to stop. That’s all I’ve wanted from the beginning. Please don’t get swallowed up in drama.

“Think for yourself, take the best knowledge you’re presented with and make up your own mind. That’s what VEKTOR is all about. Personal BS doesn’t have a place in all this. Be nice to each other. Be fair and ethical. I got stuck in a difficult situation, and one 15 second instant of my personal life was blown up on the internet.

“I’m sure a lot of you out there have lived through something similar, maybe to less of an extreme… Not fun for both sides. I’m lucky to have such supportive friends and family. I don’t want to imagine what would’ve happened to someone who didn’t have that kind of support… Anyone who has something bad to say: Go ahead.

“I’m sorry for you in the future because it probably means you haven’t been through something like this before. It’s hard, and it will ruin you. I’ve received a lot of hate mail… Please, please, please do not send any hate mail to the other party involved. Don’t even respond to negative comments. Let those people say what they gotta say and let’s be cool to each other. Let’s stop this hatred and move forward.

“This personal crap, dirty laundry doesn’t belong online or in metal, especially when dealing with false accusations. For the fans… I’ve been talking with Erik. We’re friends again, and we’ll see what happens.”

He later commented on the post: “I also gotta say I’ve never hurt any human being. I got in a fight in high school, but the guy just split my eyebrow open and I still didn’t throw a punch. I was trying to reason with him. That’s me.” He further went on to say “Did anyone see the video of every moment that led up to that point? How many people on here know me or Her in real life? Relationships aren’t that simple. People are hurting right now on both sides.”

In February 2021, VEKTOR independently released an EP, Transmissions of Chaos.