VELLAYAH Release New Single ‘Lungs Of The Earth’

One man metal project from Bijeljina VELLAYAH has released a new single titled “Lungs Of The Earth“ and announced a debut album called “All In Vain”, due out on 10th of June. Make sure to give a new single a listen below!

All songs were written, recorded and mixed by Milan Velaja, the frontman of the project, while the artwork is done by Darko Lukić.

Tracklisting for “All In Vain”:

  1. March Towards The End
  2. Lungs Of The Earth
  3. In The Absence Of Light
  4. Hopelessly Sinking
  5. In Vain
  6. Drawn To Tragedy
  7. Pure Evil
  8. No Silence
  9. Eternal
  10. This World I Leave Behind

VELLAYAH is formed in 2018 by Milan Velaja and released an EP A New Beginning in April 2019, consists of six tracks and you can give it a listen and see more info about it here. After that the project released a standalone single “Feels Like The End Of The World” in April 2021. You can give it a listen here.

Velaja cities bands like TRIVIUMMACHINE HEADLAMB OF GOD and GOJIRA  as his main influence.