VENOM Frontman CRONOS: ‘Without Us, Bands Like SLAYER Wouldn’t Exist’


In a new interview with Kerrang!, VENOM frontman Conrad “Cronos” Thomas Lant talked how VENOM was a huge influence to bands like METALLICA and SLAYER.

He said: “I’d say that’s true, yes. We were the band that was influenced by MOTÖRHEAD and the SEX PISTOLS, but we took their sound and made something completely new out of it. We were completely new; no one had heard anything like us. And of course, unbeknown to us, in America there were these kids who were listening to our records and then shaping what we were doing into their own thing. SLAYER would be an example of that. And I agree, without us those bands either wouldn’t exist, or would sound very different from the way they do.”

When asked if he is proud of VENOM’s legacy, Cronos responded: “I’m very proud of it, of course I am. I’m proud that an album we made all those years ago [Welcome To Hell] still stands the test of time, but I’m also proud of the fact that Venom has been going for all these years. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that the line-up we have now is the best one we’ve ever had, and the band has never sounded so good. We’ve got a loyal audience that come out and see us play every time, and it’s important to me that we never disappoint them. And we don’t. I’m very proud that we’ve made it last this long, and that the band is still going strong.”