VENOM’s CRONOS: ‘METALLICA Have Had Some Sh*t Albums’

Cronos James Hetfield

In a new interview with Metal Hammer, VENOM frontman Conrad “Cronos” Lant gave his props to METALLICA and SLAYER, who opened for Venom on tour in the early Eighties. But he also got real about his opinions on Metallica. Not only did he reveal that he never expected them to get as big as they did, but he also thinks they’ve released some “sh*t albums” throughout their 40-year history.

“I hoped they’d be big, because they were good bands, friends at the time, and it was fun on the road,” Cronos said. “I hoped this scene would get bigger. I wanted everybody to love this music, and the heavier the better. But I never would have thought that METALLICA would have had the success that they’ve had.

“They’ve had some sh*t albums — they’d have to admit that. But the first three albums, f**king great.”

After interviewer noted that VENOM surely influenced SLAYER in great way, Cronos then said: “Well, a few years back I was hanging out with Tom Araya at a SLAYER gig in Glasgow when he got a phone call from his son, who must have asked him who he was with, because Tom said, ‘I’m sitting with the guy whose career I’ve been copying for my whole life!’ Tom is great, man!”