Veonity – Sorrows

I just can’t help it to get amazed by the variety and diversity that Metal music is bringing and providing us poor mortal fans. It’s possible to go from the most cruel and thirsty for blood effort to a full of hope one but, yet, maintaining the spirit of rebellion that Metal is constituted by. Though Metal has been pulverized in many subgenres, the spirit still goes on in all of them. That’s my point why I say that I listen to all kinds of Metal except the ones I’ve told before. Listening to Metal is a very rich experience in itself. It’s my belief one doesn’t have to listen to other genres in order to experience difference. Though I do listen to other genres as you my child of yhe night may have noticed. But they are not that far from Metal.

Veonity with “Sorrows” reminds a lot Angra, Dragonforce and Rhapsody with their Symphonic Power Metal full of touching melodies and high-velocity drumming. I guess that what calls most the eyes is the contrast built with the strong and loud guitars and the pounding drums with the melodic vocals and sometimes instruments performed in a classical way as the flute or violins. This enriches a lot the music. The mix of guitar phrases riffing in high-velocity is als a plus of Power Metal in the way they combine it into their music as in “Blinded Eyes Will See.” The wisdom touch is how to dose these elements because the outcome clould be more commercial than the necessary. I guess that to get more aggressive than intended in no problem at all. Veonity were able to manage that with high doses of a pungent emotional passages which is a stapler of the subgenre. Tracks as “Where Our Memories Used to Grow” does that with mastery though recollecting Helloween’s “Keeper of the Seven Keys” era. Well, from where I’m standing this is a compliment.

I guess the regular fan of Power Metal won’t have anything to complain about “Sorrows.” If the album is no breakthrough, it is no waste of time or money. The fan will be absolutely pleased by what he receives here.

Veonity “Sorrows” will be released on August 21st via Scarlet Records

Track Listing:

  1. Broken
  2. Graced or Damned
  3. Back in to the Dark
  4. Blinded Eyes Will See
  5. Where Our Memories Used to Grow
  6. Acceptance
  7. Free Again
  8. Center of the Storm
  9. War
  10. Fear of Being Alive

Watch “Grace or Damned” official video here: