Verberis – Vorant Gnosis

Wow, it’s been quite some time that I haven’t heard a 21 minute long song! Now that I have mentioned it, I must say that this Verberis “Vorant Gnosis” EP has only 2 tracks. The other one is about eleven minutes. In my opinion, a band has to be at least musically competent to do that, otherwise songs get boring if you keep repeating the same tunes all the time. There has to be some movement inside the song. And by movement, me and Marx understand change.

“Vorant” and “Gnosis” are linked songs. Their limits aren’t easily noticed. As most of their peers, “Vorant Gnosis” doesn’t show ny guitar solo. Instead, they use a common technique, which is riffing with thin guitar phrases that sound like solos. It’s pretty usual in today’s metal music. This movement was caused as a response, or a change. Metal was specially critized by its guitar solo verborragy. Well, to me guitar solos are essential. Because of them I listen to Metal and not to jazz, for instance.

Well, “Vorant” and “Gnosis” – what an intelligent pun with the title – do have some changes, somes intrumental passages, but limited by the whole idea of the genre they play, which is blackned doom metal. I mean, Verberis don’t go beyond such limits. Their genre is easily recongnizable. Now that I’ve been introduced to many other doom metal bands, I know that they could have gone beyond. It doesn’t mean “Vorant Gnosis” is a bad album. No, not at all. One of my criteria to label an album is its ability to gather the opinion of a non-fan. I am not a true fan of doom metal, but “Vorant Gnosis” kind of pleased me.

Bottomline, Verberis “Vorant Gnosis” will please blackned doom metal fans and it will be out on May 18th via Pulverised Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Vorant
  2. Gnosis

Watch “Vorant Gnosis” trailer here: