VERIKALPA ‘Tuoppitanssi’

Sword and shield? More likely beer and beer! Following the amazing debut-album “Taistelutahto,” “Tuoppitanssi” is the new drunken battle hymn from Oulu’s craziest folk metal warriors. Formed in 2015, Verikalpa are one of the hottest newcomers of the always vibrant Finnish heavy metal scene. Singing in his own native mother language (“Tuoppitanssi” actually stands for “pintdance”), the sextet combines fast up-tempos, raging vocals and brilliant melodies: a truly breathtaking assemblage of black, death & folk metal and symphonic elements. “Tuoppitanssi” is an ecstatic journey through the Finnish folklore, superstitions and traditions; stories of old local pagan beliefs mixed with more outlandish fantasy elements that are all tied together by the unholy trinity of beer, blood and war! “Tuoppitanssi” is going to be available starting from February, 21st, 2020.

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