Verikalpa – Tuoppitanssi

Picture Valhala the way the ancient Norse religion tells it is. A place where warriors feast, drink, dance, and fight. Forever. A place where the warriors that fight the good fight can rest – rest? – not in peace, but all the vicious habits that Christian religions condemn so much. That’s why, I guess, so many are atracted to the anciente Norse religions. There one can drink, feast, and other things I can’t tell here. Things everybody loves.

Now picture the soundtrack of Valhala. Well, you may have lots of nominees, but I do have a place for Verikalpa with “Tuoppitanssi.” Just take a close look to the art cover picturing a warrior and a demon or something else. Both have beers at their hands and seem to be fighting. With beer! My, my, my…

In short, so sorry for what I’m going to say, but it’s possible to sum up “Tuoppitanssi” with a comparison which I don’t intend to be the best but it does make the fan understand what Verikalpa do here. Imagine the mix of Amon Amarth and Korpiklaani. Have you? If you have, I guess it tells a lot about the music here in this album. The mood is of a viking party with all the excesses and the vibration that comes from Folk Metal mixed with the agressive and powerful music that comes from Melodic Death Metal. That’s what I felt while listening to the album. Guitars riffs are interwoven with melodious and powerful choruses, vocals are at the same gutural and harsh with some moments with great emotion. All the Metal features are embellished with ancient instruments and other rather common in the Folk Metal world. The effect is astonishing due to the power and emotion they bring to the fan. last track “Tuonen Miekka” tells the history very well.

Folk Metal is one of the subgenres of Metal music that atracts me the most exactly due to what it is possible to listen here in “Tuoppitanssi.” The mix of the modern and the ancient is promissing, I’d rather say that it is the present. The things bands as Verikalpa are doing are just amazing.

Verikalpa “Tuoppitanssi” will be released on February 21st via Scarlet Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Naulattujen Vaellus
  2. Talonväen Teuraat
  3. Tuoppitanssi
  4. Sankari, Saatana, Kostaja
  5. Varjosahti
  6. Peikon Kieli
  7. Verimaat
  8. Karhunkaataja
  9. Mettäväinö
  10. Haaksi
  11. Tuonen Miekka

Watch “Naulattujen Vaellus” official video here: