VERNON NEILLY Enters Billboard ‘Hot Singles’ Chart At #12 With New Single ‘They Dont Care’

Vernon Neilly - They Don't Care

Boosweet Records, the award winning independent label based in Southern California, a few weeks ago released the new video “They Don’t Care” by Vernon Neilly. The video has since gone viral with millions of views via social media sites, regular rotation on popular television video programs on major networks, as well as independent. The popularity of “They Don’t Care” has helped catapult the new single “They Don’t Care” into the Billboard “Hot Singles” Charts entering at #12.

“Since the release of Vernon Neilly‘s new CD “Outta Time” his video “They Dont Care” has been going viral on social media and national video TV channels on major networks such as Comcast, Dish Network, and MTV Hits. The video has garnered now over 2 million viewers who have seen this compelling and powerful video reflecting the state of the current times in which we live.

You can watch the video for “They Dont Care” below: