VICTOR ORTEGA Signs Management Deal With CARLO BELLOTTI Publishing

Carlo Bellotti Publishing have announced the signing of a new management and administration deal with Victor Ortega. Victor Ortega is a talented metal producer and sound engineer based in Spain, known for many top-notch productions. Victor’s productions are easyily recognisable, thanks to their extremely powerful and ultra-defined sound. Tracking, mixing and mastering are his expertise, but Victor is also a musician, and his approach to production is always directed towards supporting the band’s identity and sound.

As a producer, Victor has based himself on years of experience and creative intuition, to craft records that showcase both sonic clarity and artistic vision since 2010 when he finished his studies as a sound engineer. His knowledge as a guitarist, drummer and bassist mean he is able to work closely with each performer knowing their material well and adapting his style of production to the vision of each interpreter. He strives to provide clients with creatively stimulating, technical expertise, and a mature perspective for the overall composition. The motivation to strive for innovation is the key element for him, Vic Ortega´s reputation for concrete editing, mixing, mastering, and sample building are quickly becoming widely notable, generating much interest nationally. He has been approached by many clients to assist alongside known producers and engineers to help complete numerous projects.